Isuzu Crosswind XUV A/T (New Look/Sportivo) in Binuangan, Northern Mindanao for sale

Make: Jayco
Year: 2003
Type of car: Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV)
Condition: Used
Isuzu Crosswind 2003; Color: Copper Orange; Price: 652,000; Km: 77,
Add'l Features: (1.) With back sensor. It beeps as u turn to the transmission lever to rear. It beeps when it senses objects u might possibly hit. It beeps faster as the object gets nearer. When the beeping becomes continuous, u should stop. In this case, object is just few inches away from your car.
(2.) I made it look like the new Sportivo, and have it remodeled at Casa. It is now mono-tone (all orange). Face makeover Sportivo 2008. So the copper orange paint is Isuzu's. Not mixing from outside sources.
(3.) Semi-intelligent. (a.) When engine is turned "on," the doors will automatically lock as you step on the break pedal. This is to ensure that somebody is inside during automatic locking. So, you wont be locked out. (b.) The doors will automatically unlock as you remove the ignition key. This is because she anticipates your going out of the car. (c.) As you walk away from her, she will beep 3x to remind you to lock her. (d.) She will alarm if one of your doors is not properly closed. (e.) likewise, she will alarm if she feels impact or when somebody opens using a key (even its duplicate or original key). Entry should be by remote control (keyless entry).
Dual Aircon. Both are well maintained and newly cleaned.
Even #1 is cold enough.
Well maintained, excellent condition.
Text or call: 0917-722-7172 (Lenylani)